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Welcome to Mobile Web OSP Docs

This is the documentation for Mobile Web OSP. It is a product designed to make it easier for higher education institutions to deliver mobile-optimized information and services. The code can be found on GitHub. It is a fork of the original v0.9 release of the MIT Mobile Web project that can still be found on SourceForge. Updates to the project can be found on Twitter at @mobilewebosp. And their is also a blog dedicated to mobile web in higher education and Mobile Web OSP.


State of Mobile Web OSP (July 2012)

Unfortunately, I seem to have moved on from this project. The code is still available and can be used to create your own mobile portals but their are better products out there now. If you have questions or issues feel free to contact me. Their won't be any new features added though.


Version 2 Now Available

Mobile Web OSP version 2.0 code was released in May 2010. To see version 2 in action check out WVUs mobile site or this Flickr set showing the WebKit version. Read about all the changes in the release notes


About the Mobile Web Project


Configuring the Overall System


Configuring Individual Sections


Templates & Theming


Contributing to the Project


Extra Docs


Need more help? (aka "How to Contact Me")


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