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Emergency Information

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This documentation is for versions 1 & 2 of Mobile Web OSP.


About the Emergency Information Section

The purpose of the Emergency Information section is to share emergency phone numbers as well as any other useful campus phone numbers like residence halls and schools or colleges. You can also use it to share the current status of the campus using an RSS feed but this feature can be turned off.



The following information is required to configure this section:


  • Emergency Phone Numbers
  • General Phone Numbers
  • An RSS Feed of Emergency Alerts (not required) 


Configuring the Emergency Information Section

The following is how you configure this section:


  1. Navigate to the root of your Mobile Web install
  2. Navigate to 'web/emergency/data'
  3. Copy 'data.copy.inc.php' to 'data.inc.php' and open the copied file
  4. Set the $show_rss variable on line #13 to TRUE or FALSE depending on if you want the feature enabled or not. If you do make sure you provide an RSS feed on the line #14.
  5. Follow the pattern listed (e.g. no punctuation in the phone numbers) and fill out the rest of the sections you want to have  numbers for. Note: If you set $show_extra to FALSE on line #32 neither the residence hall number nor the college numbers will show up even if you set both sections to TRUE.
  6. Save the file
  7. Check out the section on your site




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