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Events Calendar

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This documentation is for versions 1 & 2 of Mobile Web OSP.


About the Events Calendar Section

The events calendar is designed to provide easy access to information regarding your events around campus. The events calendar utilizes Google Calendar as it's data source.



The following information is required to configure this section:


  • .ics files of your events for importing into Google Calendar
  • A Google Account



The following is how you configure this section:


Step 1: Add .ics Information to Google Calendar

In order to add your .ics files or links to Google Calendar do the following:


  1. Log into your Google Account
  2. Click on 'Calendar'
  3. On the left-hand side will be a section called Calendars
  4. In the bottom right of the section is a pip called 'Add.' Click it.
  5. Choose the appropriate option for adding your data to Google Calendar


Step 2: Get the Calendar ID from Google Calendar

The Events Calendar section uses the Calendar ID from Google Calendar to properly search and display results.


  1. After your data has populated in Google Calendar click the pip next to the name of the calendar you want the Calendar ID for
  2. You will have several options one of which is 'Settings.' Click it.
  3. Half-way down the page will be the Calendar ID. It looks similar to a very long email address.
  4. Copy it down for later use


Step 3: Finish Configuring the Events Calendar Section

These are the final steps to configure the Events Calendar section:


  1. Navigate to the root of your Mobile Web install
  2. Navigate to 'web/calendar/data'
  3. Copy 'data.copy.inc.php' to 'data.inc.php' and open the copied file
  4. Add your Google Account username and password on lines #17 & #18 respectively
  5. Follow the directions in the file for properly adding the Google Calendar sections
  6. Save the file
  7. Check the Events Calendar section of your website 



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