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Home Page

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This documentation is for versions 1 & 2 of Mobile Web OSP.


About the Home Page Section

The Home Page section is the landing page for your mobile users.



The following information is required to configure this section:


  • No requirements


Configuring the Home Page Section

The following is how you configure this section:


  1. Navigate to the root of your Mobile Web install
  2. Navigate to 'web/home/data'
  3. Copy 'data.inc.copy.php' to 'data.inc.php' and open the copied file
  4. Turn on and off sections by adding or removing them from their respective arrays. The file contains more documentation on which field means.
  5. Reorder the sections to reorder how they show up on the site. Note: The basic view will only show nine links at once. If you have more than nine sections the system will automatically create a "more" link and show a page that has the rest of the links on it.
  6. You can also set the variable $has_sms on line #50 to TRUE or FALSE depending on supports access to your directory and emergency information via SMS.
  7. Save the file
  8. Check the the main home page of your Mobile Web site in your web browser


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