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People Directory

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This documentation is for versions 1 & 2 of Mobile Web OSP.


About the People Directory Section

The People Directory talks to your LDAP-based directory to provide mobile-optimized search results. On the results page there is also the option to email a user the vCard for the contact information they're viewing.



The following information is required to configure this section:


  • LDAP server hostname
  • Base DN (aka distinguished name)
  • Credentials if you need them


Configuring the People Directory Section

The following is how you configure this section:


  1. Navigate to the root of your Mobile Web install
  2. Navigate into 'lib'
  3. Open 'ldap.php'
  4. Edit lines #11 through #14 with the required information
  5. Save the file
  6. Check out the People Directory section on your website


Configuring vCard Feature

The following are some tips for configuring the vCard feature:


  1. Navigate to the root of your Mobile Web install
  2. Navigate to 'web/people'
  3. Open 'vcard.php'
  4. On line #29 there is a regular expression related to username. Our usernames are three letters and three digits. Yours may be different so you should edit this regular expression as appropriate.
  5. You may also want to edit which options are included in the vCard by editing lines #36 through #72.
  6. Save the file
  7. Try using the vCard feature




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