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Version 2 Release Notes

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years ago

The following changes were made with the release of version 2.0.0 of Mobile Web OSP.


Theme Support

An attempt has been made to make it easier for folks to create and manage themes specific to their organization without having to worry about future changes overwriting their changes. Also, with the addition of a themes directory hopefully it's easier for schools to share generic graphics and styles between each other. A default theme based on the 'jqt' theme from jQTouch is included in the distribution.


Renaming & Reorganizing of Templates

To better handle advances in mobile browsers the template structure has changed with this release. Here is the upgrade path:


     sp => basic

     ip => touch

     ?? => webkit


The WebKit templates are all new. If you have custom modules you should just be able to rename your 'sp' and 'ip' templates to the new naming convention.


Also, in each module the templates have been put into their own overall 'templates' folder for better organization and to make modules a little cleaner to manage.  Just make sure you update your template paths in your PHP files.


jQTouch & jQuery Support

The WebKit templates now use jQTouch to provide easy development of more interactive and more native feeling (at least for iPhone) designs. Because jQTouch requires jQuery to run the WebKit templates can now also take advantage of it's functionality as well.


Favorites Feature Using HTML5

The following sections now support a "favorites" feature on the iPhone: Calendar, People, and Map. This feature allows users to bookmark items for easy access during future sessions using the system. The feature is implemented using a local database on the client's device using HTML5. I didn't have a chance to debug on Android hence the lack of the feature for that class of devices.


Integration with iWVU, an iPhone Application

iWVU is the official iPhone application for West Virginia University. It is also open sourced. You can now use Mobile Web OSP and iWVU together to create an integrated mobile solution. iWVU can use Mobile Web OSP for calendar and directory information. Further integration will be coming in future releases.


Other Changes

Some other minor changes include:


  • basic templates now support the mobile-optimized version of Google Analytics that doesn't require JavaScript,
  • the example apache virtualhost config has been updated to support compression of files,
  • using minify to further compress and combine CSS & JavaScript files, 
  • and there was more work done to remove old, unnecessary files and reorganize files


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