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iPhone App Wrapper

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While I think this is still a decent idea you may also want to refer to our instructions on how to integrate Mobile Web OSP with our open sourced iPhone app, iWVU.


Many schools want to have an iPhone app but aren't sure about where to invest time and resources (mobile web vs. iPhone app). I created a very simple (like not error checking simple) iPhone app that uses Mobile Safari to display your mobile website. So, in a sense, it's almost the best of both worlds. "Almost" because your mobile site won't be able to access hardware like the camera (but it can use the GPS!) so it doesn't qualify as a full-fledged app.


Seeing a Demo

Here is a demo on my Flickr account.


Getting the Code

The demo code can be found on GitHub.


Using the Code

You need to have the iPhone SDK installed which means you can only run this on an Intel-based Mac. Get the SDK on Apple's iPhone Developer site. Once you have that and you've grabbed a copy of the files (have no idea if this project will work on other people's machines) do the following:


  1. Open the project in XCode
  2. Open the MobileWebAppDelegate.m file
  3. Edit line #20 where it has http://m.wvu.edu to reflect your hostname
  4. Click 'Build & Go'


Up should pop the iPhone Simulator with a generic logo, generic start-up screen, a bit of white (a bug but normal) and then your site. Again, this is a proof-of-concept and obviously isn't finished. Just an interesting way to leverage your existing site while making it an iPhone app for the iTunes App Store.


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